By Larry O. Grand

Chapter One

"REVERSE Backwards Origami.  Th's what it was like.

Y'know, origami, tha' Japanese paper foldin' stuff.  Used to be 
able to do it, back 'fore my hands started actin' th' way I didn't 
want them to, if y'know what I mean.  So's imagine if you folded up 
a piece a'paper into somethin', I don't know, like a bird or flower 
or somethin', origami, y'know.  Y'made all these folds in a piece 
of paper to make a figure or somethin', and it was all done, all 
pretty wit' all the creases sharp and clean and neat.  A perfectly 
folded figure, all done y'are, perfect, neat an' clean.
Now, imagine that you unfolded what y'just made.  Unfolded it 
carefully, so as not t'tear th' paper or anythin', since it's so 
delicate, y'know.  Unfolded it, made it back into a square sheet'a 
paper, 'cept now th' paper's a bit wrinkly, y'know, wit' wrinkles 
and creases and folds where y'folded th' paper to make your figure, 
your bird or flower or somethin', y'still wit' me boy?  Stop me 
whenever you don't follow me.  Y'got it?  Y'made a paper somethin', 
did some origami, made a figure, then you unfolded it.  Got it so 
Good.  Okay, now you take your piece'a paper, and, usin' the same 
folds that you made th' first time, you refold the paper t'make 
what y'made th' first time.  Lemme say that again -- you refold the 
paper, 'zactly the same way, t'make what y'made th' first time, 
your bird, or flower, or whatever it was y'made.  The exact same 
figure.  Exact same piece'a origami.  'Cept now, it ain't so clean 
and neat as it was the first time, right?  Creases ain't so sharp 
as they were, right?  Sure, it's the same figure, same piece'a 
paper, but it's just not quite the same, right?  Y'still wit' me 
here?  You made somethin' origami, then you unfolded it, and then 
you folded it back up th' same way.  And your bird, your flower, 
your somethin', it's th' same but it just ain't the way it was 
originally.  Right?
Now, here1s where I get t'my point.  Imagine that you videotaped 
this whole thing.  Filmed it, got it on tape -- don' matter what 
kind, son, could be onna them fancy Japanese eight millimeter 
things or maybe onna them vee-ay-chess, clunky old cameras like 
your father borrowed t'film your vacation last summer, 'member?  
Anyway, y'film the whole thing, foldin' and unfoldin' and foldin' 
right back up again, okay?  Say yer still wit' me, son, okay?  
Right.  Now, you watch this film, this video a'you foldin' and 
unfoldin', except, an' this is th' important part, okay, you watch 
the film backwards.  Reverse, y'know.  So's what your watchin' 
starts off wit' your origami figure, th' second time you folded it, 
a little dirty an' the creases not so sharp, an' it gets unfolded, 
'member, we're watchin' this backwards now, an' then th' paper gets 
folded back up to make your origami figure, whatever it was, an' 
now -- now, th' figure it all clean, all neat and folded all 
pretty, the creases sharp, th' corners clean, jus' like y'folded it 
th' first time.
Tha's what I mean by the Reverse Backwards Origami.  Y'take a 
figure, your paper figure, it's already been all folded th' second 
time an' so it ain't quite so neat and clean and sharp, an' you 
unfold it, an' then you fold it back up, an' it comes out all neat, 
th' corners sharp and th' creases clean, almost as if y'had just 
folded it outta a new piece'a paper.  That's what I mean.  An' 
that's 'bout th' best way I can describe what had happened.  Yeah, 
tha's jus' about what happened.
Hunh?  Wha' d'you mean, 'what happened'?
Well son, 'fore I can tell you that story, I gotta tell you this 

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